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EFT RU ABS Is Back! ×
Undetected Cheats
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    Weekly Updates & Changes for 5/14 - 5/20

    • EFT RU ABS: Has returned! -> Link
    • EFT LF Solutions & LF Lite: We have decided that LF is back Undetected! -> Link
    • EFT ZeroHook: Day keys have been added are now on sale for only $7! -> Link
    • Discord Support & Mod: Applications are now open, apply today! -> Link
    • EFT Legend: We have removed it from our shop due to the long updating time
    • EFT SVD: Some users wanted SVD to stay so, we moved it to the other games section -> Link
    • Weekly Change Logs: have been added! View this page to see what's new


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