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Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose Duck's Services?

Duck's Services has been the lead cheat distributer for over 3 years, providing solutions for various AAA titles. We primarily focus on Tarkov but we dominate various different games. With over 30,000 successful orders, 24/7 support, and instant delivery, we guarantee customer satisfaction. 

How can I access my product?

Thank you for choosing Duck's Services! We greatly appreciate your support and are excited to provide you with our exceptional products. Below, you will find some important details regarding your purchase:

Are your products undetected?

Duck's Services provides top of the line products, however, products can become detected at any time, please check the status page each time before injecting.


How can I get Customer Support?

Our reputation is built on undetected cheats and lightning-fast customer support. If you need assistance, simply open a support ticket in our Discord Server. If you don't use Discord, you can contact us via email at admin@ducks-services.com.

New to cheating?

Heres our Getting Started Guide:


How can I downgrade my Windows?

View our guide on downgrading your windows version here:


How can I check my Windows Version?


  • Press the Windows Key + R
  • Type ''winver''
  • Press enter

  • Your windows version will be displayed

It is important that you know your windows version as some of our products only work on select window versions.

I was banned on Tarkov, what next?


  • First let's breakdown the 2 known types of bans. First there is a Launcher Ban, the ban will occur instantly when logging into a new account (you wont even make it to the launcher) these bans usually happen every time. The second known type is a Hardware-ID Ban, HWID bans are completely random and there is no way to tell if you are HWID banned, most users reporting them around the fifth ban. With HWID bans, once you get banned, BattlEye will flag your drives' serials. HWID bans will occur within 15-30 minutes of being in-game.

Launcher Ban Solution

  • Evading a launcher ban is very easy. Simply download Revo-Uninstaller (free tool on google) next, uninstall the BSG launcher and Escape from Tarkov, making sure to scan for any trace files. Once you have removed all traces of EFT on your pc, you can go ahead and re-download the game (if your not HWID banned). It's recommended you complete this step after every ban.
  • An example of a launcher ban is shown below.

HWID Ban Solution

  • Evading a Hardware-ID Ban can be a little more tricky. The first option is to purchase a HWID spoofer which temporarily changes your drive serials, tricking BattlEye, and letting you play. If you chose to use cheats make sure you spoof after injecting your cheats or it will mess up the HWID lock. (Cheats -Spoof -Open game). The second option is buying new hard drives. Third option is to Raid-0 your drives, combining your drives into one, producing a new drive serial.
What is a DMA Cheat?


  • DMA stands for "Direct Memory Access" and is a concept in computer science and digital systems. However, when it comes to video game cheating, "DMA" is often used as an abbreviation for a specific type of cheating technique known as "Direct Memory Access cheating."
  • Direct Memory Access cheating involves manipulating the game's memory directly to gain an advantage or exploit certain game mechanics. Skilled cheaters may use tools or programs that allow them to locate and alter these values in real-time, effectively granting themselves unfair advantages in the game.
  • DMA cheating can be used to perform various actions, such as increasing player stats, bypassing game restrictions, or modifying the game environment to gain an edge over other players.

What's Required to use DMA?

  1. Main PC (to run the game)
  2. 2nd PC (to run the cheat)
  3. DMA Card
  4. DMA Card Firmware
  5. DMA Cheat


DMA Explained.png

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