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Tarkov Carry Service

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Escape from Tarkov Carrying Service

  • Maximize your loot haul with our professional Escape from Tarkov raid carry service! Our experienced team of players know all the best strategies to get you the best loot and gear. When you choose us, you're getting the benefit of our years of experience and expertise in Tarkov. Our players have the skills and knowledge to guide you through the raid, ensuring a smooth and efficient run. You'll have the chance to get top-tier gear, valuable items. Can't find the specific service or gear you're looking for? Check us out today!


Standard Raid (Factory / Customs / Interchange / Shoreline / Reserve)

  • 1x Raid: $5.00
  • 5x Raids: $22.50
  • 10x Raids: $40.00

Premium Raid (Labs / Lighthouse / Streets)

  • 1x Raid: $7.00
  • 5x Raids: $30.00
  • 10x Raids: $55.00

Quest Raid (you will receive assistance with all you quests in this raid + loot + players)

  • 1x Raid: $6.00
  • 5x Raids: $27.50
  • 10x Raids: $50.00


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