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  • { Making a Purchase }

    When you make a purchase on our website, you have several payment options to choose from, including card payments, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, and cryptocurrency. If you use our secure payment processor, "Stripe," your access to the purchased product is granted instantly. However, if you opt for another payment method, please note that manual verification will be required (you can find more details at checkout).

    You can find the cheat download, installation guide, and video at the top right corner of your screen. Our cheats operate on a license key basis, which you can locate here.

    Here are some important details about the license keys:
    Key timers do not start until the key is used.
    Keys are HWID locked and cannot be shared.
    If you are using a spoofer, make sure to inject the cheat before spoofing.

    { Customer Support }

    Our reputation is built on undetected cheats and lightning-fast customer support. If you need assistance, simply open a support ticket in our Discord Server. If you don't use Discord, you can contact us via email at admin@ducks-services.com.

    { Types of Game Cheats }

    We offer a wide range of cheats for games with different features, requirements, and detection history. Our cheats include features like Aimbot, ESP (Wallhack), Speedhack, and Radars.

    Status Page: https://www.ducks-services.com/status/

    { System Requirements }

    Each product has its system requirements listed in the product description. We recommend using Windows 10 to ensure compatibility with all our products. Some products may also work with Windows 11. How do I check my Windows Version?

    Regarding CPU requirements:
    Intel CPU: Compatible with all our products.
    AMD CPU: Compatible with all our products except Ring 1 products.

    { Disabling Anti-virus }

    To use our products, it's necessary to disable your anti-virus software temporarily. Anti-virus programs detect any attempt to manipulate files and may block them. Rest assured, all our products have been vetted by our staff and are safe. Disabling your anti-virus allows our products to work seamlessly with the game, providing you with the advantages you desire.

    { Hardware-ID (HWID) Spoofer }

    For added security, we recommend using a HWID spoofer. Ensure you inject the cheat before spoofing to prevent your cheat key from being locked. Anti-cheat systems may eventually issue HWID bans, and the timing of this process is random. Some users experience HWID bans on their first violation, while others encounter them after multiple infractions. For first-time cheaters, especially, using a HWID spoofer is advisable to protect your original HWID.

    Feel free to consult our Bans & Spoofers Guide for more information on this topic.

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