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Palworld Anti-Anti-Cheat

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Palworld Anti-Anti-Cheat

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  • None!


  • Player ESP
  • Pal ESP
  • Item ESP
  • Chest ESP
  • Resource ESP
  • Render Distance limiter
  • All colors can be changed


  • Demigod
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Increase Damage
  • Instant Kill
  • Fly
  • No Clip
  • Revive
  • FOV
  • Fullbright

Pseudo Recovery

  • A recovery system that works even in protected servers
  • Level
  • Remove level limits (go up to 99)
  • Health stat
  • Attack stat
  • Work Speed
  • Reset Stats
  • Add catch rate stat (requires sacrificing non-pseudo available stats)


  • Palbox Access
  • Chest Access
  • Buildable Access
  • Corpse Access
  • Enable Admin Player Info
  • Increase Server Load (Your actions lag more)


  • Bypasses protected servers
  • Waypoint system with most popular spots already built in
  • Add your own waypoints
  • Teleport to players


  • You can now save features you enabled for future gaming sessions
  • New click-ui the one y’all love

What’s the difference between a Pseudo Item Spawner and Item Spawner?

  • The Pseudo Item Spawner was designed to hide your items from serverside anticheats, some of the spawned items have limitations or won’t work. You also can’t give spawned items to other players nor do they stay after a server relog.

Known issues with pseudo items are: Materials such as stone, wood don’t work.

What’s the difference between a Recovery and Pseudo Recovery?

  • Pseudo Recovery just like the pseudo item spawner hides your hacked stat/level data from serverside anticheats and admins, as such other players won’t be able to see it and won’t stick after a server relog.

Why does this version have less features than the normal version?

  • We are trying to port as many things as possible from mainline sentry, but not everything can be ported, we will also not add things that can easily be detected by serverside anticheats (ex: making an alternative version of pal spawner that would only take 5 min for palguard to patch).


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