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Last couple of days we have done silent updates, but didn't include the changelog.  Cheat update: * Fixed fastammo related issue * All quests are fully displayed, regardless of proper translation availability * Fixed labs gate open issue * Fixed some weapons having an issue with aimbot * Fixed proper ammo display for all weapon types * change for the menu * Crashes mid raid should no longer happen * FPS related issues were fixed * Fixed chinese / russian item translations not loading for regional user * Boss, follower, and all other type of AI have been researched and updated accordingly, they will display properly * Regarding some items not being displayed when carried alive yet available in corpse: Tarkov stopped streaming items from backpack in some ways * Removed obsolete menu data and display that are no longer sent by the server either * Tag filter has been narrowed down. Upon request we may add more * Thermal fixed, a more proper one is incoming as well * Some of the features were renamed for better understanding * Fixed the Show AI Corpse setting being hidden away, causing confusion for not displaying certain items * Fixed Radar gray render issue * Fastshot now automatically sets enabled when using aimbot, and is set to a safe 210 value to help instant headshot kills * Disable weapon malfunction now protects against overheat * Other smaller tweaks  We are aware of some users having AC connection lost, we are heavily investigating that and have a test code ready. Update should come fast regarding the issue. Windows 11 full support is dropping in the next update, which could happen tomorrow. A proper and new Silent Aim update is also being released in the next closest update.  We are always open for suggestions, tweaks. Send them right over to our support to process.

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