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Pushed an update to fix errors from the previous loader.Security Update for the bot. TIps for users how to not get banned/play legit: Make sure to toggle it off ( Pressing alt + f4 ingame) from time to time to avoid gettings streaks, Yes streaks can get you banned especially if you get reported Doing alt + f4 in game toggle off the bot, do not ALT + F4 while on the BOT screen! It will close the bot! Great tip for avoiding the ban or risking getting clapped on your main: Play the bot as a teammate, How? use the bot on epic games and run it. Download heroic launcher : https://heroicgameslauncher.com/ and play your main in here. You can play with the bot on your dummy and use on your main to play with it. This way you will not risk getting your main account and only getting the bot ( Dummy ) to get banned if you wanna run streaks with it. 

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