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EFT Coffee Dev Update

Mr. Duck

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Status is UPDATING. "Pushed V2 coffee lite into lite, full, chams, loot tp, etc. All keys are currently frozen and i'll unfreeze them when some of the issues with V2 Coffee are fixed / Coffee Full is implemented. I couldn't work on new coffee much in past 2 weeks so this release might be a bit rushed. Please report any bugs/issues that you have to me and we'll probably fix them quite soon. Win 10 22H2, Win11 22H3 is supported, everything else hasnt been testing so im not really sure, if you have an issue loading the cheat on win11 go disable the vulnerable driver blacklist on in security settings, if you get an BSOD just try again once or twice, might be a temporary issue Multiple monitors are currently NOT supported, cheat will NOT work with 2 or more monitors until you unplug one. However this will be fixed soon"

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