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EFT Exozone

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Escape From Tarkov Exozone

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  • Windows Version: Windows 10 + 11
  • CPU: Intel + AMD

Highly optimized aimbot designed for players who want to aggressively dominate their enemies in-game. The prediction in this aimbot is so precise that it can even hit targets moving at extreme distances. It's a powerful tool for players who want to come out on top in every match.

  • Bone Selection (Head, Neck, Upper Chest, Lower Chest, Arms and Legs)
  • Target Priority (Closest Fov, Closest Distance)
  • Override Bones On Key (Head, Neck, Upper Chest, Lower Chest, Arms and Legs)
  • Fov Circle
  • Target Tracer
  • Enable On Key
  • Auto Wall (Penetration Chance 0-100%, Autowall Distance (0-180m))
  • 360 Yaw (Shoot in any direction)
  • Silentaim
  • Persistent Lock (Lock target inside of FOV until killed)
  • Auto Shoot (Shot Delay (0-2 seconds))
  • Fov Controller (1-720)
  • Distance Controller (0-500m)
  • Nospread
  • Quick Reload
  • Instant Aim
  • Quick Weapon Swap
  • Shoot While Running
  • Lean Manipulation (Lean Modifier 0-100%)

LegitBot is designed to make players appear more natural with their gameplay whilst still providing an advantage over other players. The legitbot is designed to be highly customizable, allowing users to tailor its functionality to their specific needs and playstyle.

  • Bone Selection (Head, Neck, Upper Chest, Lower Chest, Arms and Legs)
  • Fov Circle
  • Target Tracer
  • Enable On Key
  • Visibility Check
  • Randomize Bone
  • Randomize Hitspot (Stop you from shotting the exact bone position on target everytime you lock on target)
  • Dynamic Hitspot (The same as Randomize Hitspot except instead of each time you lock on, it will happen after a certain amount of time)
  • Auto Shoot (Shot Delay (0-2 seconds))
  • Recoil Control (0-100%)
  • Sway Control (0-100%)
  • Smoothing (0-100%)
  • Fov Controller (1-720)
  • Distance Controller (0-500m)

We have a huge range of visual customization options available to adjust the appearance of the game environment, items and players.

  • Player Box (2D Box, 3D Box, 2D Corner Box)
  • Player Name
  • Player Total Worth
  • Player Weapon
  • Player Group
  • Player Distance
  • Player Skeleton
  • Player Flags
  • Player Chams (Fresnel, Fresnel Pulse, Wireframe and Solid)
  • Player XQZ Chams (Allows you to see chams through walls and set individual colours for both a player behind a wall and visible)
  • Player Damage Indicator
  • Player Hitsound
  • Player Healthbar
  • Player Ammobar
  • Player Trail
  • Player Max Distance (This is how far the ESP will be rendered (0-1200m))
  • Extended Player Statistics
  • Out Of View Arrows
  • Battlemode
  • 3D Crosshair
  • 3D Penetration Crosshair
  • Penetration Chance
  • Disable Crosshair While Aiming
  • Localplayer Chams (Fresnel, Fresnel Pulse, Wireframe and Solid)
  • Localplayer Trail
  • Most Expensive Item HUD
  • Entities Count HUD (Players, Player Scavs, Scavs and Bosses)
  • Localplayer Indicators
  • Show Ammo Count
  • Thirdperson
  • Bullet Tracers (Bullet Tracer Width (0.01-0.2) and Bullet Tracer Lifetime (0.1-5 seconds))
  • Environement Removals (Fog and Postprocessing (HBAO, Vintage, Prism Effect and Color Correction))
  • UI Removals (Inventory Blur, Hurt Screen and Motion Blur)
  • Sun Ambient Changer
  • Weather Controller (Cloud Density (0-4) and Rain Intensity (0-2))
  • Time Changer (0-23 Hour)
  • Item Box (2D Box, 3D Box, 2D Corner Box)
  • Item Name
  • Item Price
  • Item Distance
  • Show Active Quest Items
  • Show Non-Active Quest Items
  • Item Min Price (0-500000)
  • Item Max View Distance (0-650m)
  • Container Box (2D Box, 3D Box, 2D Corner Box)
  • Container Name
  • Container Worth
  • Container Distance
  • Container Min Worth (0-850000)
  • Container Max View Distance (0-650m)
  • Quest Location Name
  • Quest Location Distance
  • Corpse Name
  • Corpse Total Worth
  • Corpse Distance
  • Corpse Skeleton
  • Corpse Chams (Fresnel, Fresnel Pulse, Wireframe and Solid)
  • Corpse XQZ Chams (Allows you to see chams through walls and set individual colours for both a player behind a wall and visible)
  • Corpse Min Worth (0-850000)
  • Corpse Max View Distance (0-650m)
  • Item Filtering
  • Loot Content Viewer (Allows you to see what's inside of Containers and Corpses)
  • Content Viewer Fov (Any Corpses or Containers inside the fov range will show the contents of it (20-720))
  • Content Viewer Distance (At what range does it stop showing you the contents (0-650m)
  • Content Viewer Min Price (0-250000)
  • Radar Grid
  • Radar Localplayer
  • Radar Player
  • Radar Friend
  • Radar Player Scav
  • Radar Boss
  • Radar Bots
  • Radar Player Castline (Allows you to see where player is aiming)
  • Radar Container
  • Radar Item
  • Radar Corpse
  • Radar Name Filtering
  • Radar Grenade
  • Radar Scale (0.01-2)
  • Radar Size (50-200)
  • Radar X Position
  • Radar Y Position
  • Grenade Name
  • Grenade Distance
  • Grenade Max View Distance (0-650m)
  • Extraction Name
  • Extraction Distance
  • Extraction Max View Distance (0-650m)
  • Minefield Name
  • Minefield Distance
  • Minefield Max View Distance (0-650m)
  • Mine Name
  • Mine Distance
  • Mine Max View Distance (0-650m)

Our misc features allow users to customize and enhance their gameplay experience with a variety of options. Some notable features include the ability to jump continuously with bunnyhop, perform perfect jumps to easily traverse terrain and reach high speeds, and automatically sprint forward with autorun.

  • Godmode
  • Autorun
  • Novisor
  • Bunnyhop
  • Autostrafe (1-30x speed)
  • Teleport To Crosshair
  • Quickzoom
  • Freecam
  • Viewport Fov Controller (50-105)
  • Aspect Ratio (0.5-2)
  • Heatvision (Ramp Shift, Texture Color and Minimum Temperature)
  • Loot Through Walls
  • Infinite Stamina
  • No Slowdown
  • Unmount stationary weapons
  • Instant Container Search
  • Early Quest Items
  • No Container Open Delay
  • Fast Looting
  • Disable Malfunctions
  • Disable Inertia
  • Instant Workout
  • Fast Magazine Drills
  • Sonic Mode
  • Fullbright
  • Anti-Afk
  • Speedhack (2-144x)
  • KD Dropper
  • Menu Scale
  • Config System


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