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Undetected Cheats

Escape from Tarkov

Tarkov Buying Guide: Spread Sheet

  • ZeroHook -> A feature rich private cheat that has been released to the public
  • RU -> Our most popular cheat, recommended for beginners, very easy to setup
  • Odin -> A very simple, easy to use cheat
  • Labs King -> A well trusted cheat in the community with many rage features
  • Ring 1 -> A very stable and secure rage cheat, recommended for all Intel CPU users
  • LF Solutions -> A very secure, private cheat, that was recently released to the public 
  • Coffee -> The most rage product we offer with the top of the line exploits
  • Radar -> A simple radar with some miscellaneous features
  • Market Sniper -> This is a useful bot that buys and sells items for a profit on the flea market.
  • K/D Dropper -> Useful for those who have a high K/D or want to lower it to fly under the radar for manual bans



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