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  • { Tarkov Cheating Guide }

    Welcome to our guide on legit cheating in Tarkov to help you become the next Kappa enjoyer! Whether you are brand new to cheating or a experienced player, this guide will include tips and tricks to help you grind to Kappa. Lets start with the basics.

    EOD Or Standard?

    You are not magically safer using a EOD account but we do recommend it because majority of the player base will instantly report a standard accounts white name on death screen causing manual reviews to occur faster.
    Cheap Tarkov Accounts Here: https://ducksaccounts.sell.app


    Players With TTV In Their Names.

    First off lets get something out of the way, not all people with TTV in their names are streamers. A quick search on twitch will prove if they are or not. If they are streamers do your best to avoid them, all it takes is one person with a large enough following to get you banned. Even if they don't think you were cheating that chat full of hundreds of viewers will think differently and will take matters into their own hands.

    Dealing With Scavs And Bosses.

    Scavs and bosses are just free kills and XP, feel free to rage on them as much as you want, not like they can report you. They have no effect on your gameplay.

    { Feature Overview / Explanation }

    • LTW (Loot Through Walls): Completely safe, loot anything and everything you want with no worries. Anything 3.3m or lower on your ESP is lootable so get creative!
    • ESP (Walls): Nothing to worry about here, tarkov does not capture screen so do not worry and use what ever your eyes like to look at.
    • Aimbot: This will be answered the next paragraph down as it requires a more in depth answer.
    • Loot Filter (Slider): Some cheats only come with a loot price slider, which will show items based off of a selected price on slider. Examples below.
      Max profit: 45k
      Good profit just less clutter on screen: 55k
      High value items only: 78k
    • No recoil, no camera sway, high jump, fast run, fast reload, multi search, FOV changer, always run, etc: Are all safe to use misc features.

    { Aimbot }

    Lets go over the two types of aimbot first.

    Silent Aimbot: This style of aimbot doesn't lock onto the player like your used to seeing. As long as they are in your FOV circle it will kill them, you don't even have to be looking directly at them. This aimbot can be dangerous in terms of ban rate as you cannot visual see it lock it on.

    Normal Aimbot: The classic aimbot, forces you to lock onto the player so you can accurately track players and see where you are shooting. Either of these aimbots will do the job, just be mindful with silent aim.

    Most of our cheats have options to select "Bones or target area" this means you can choose where you want to shoot from head, chest, neck, arms, legs. Try to use head only for scavs / bosses and when sniping long distance with an actual sniper. Don't go using a m4 head tapping 500m away. For PMCs we recommend using neck or chest. Neck will hit chest most of the time and have a small chance of hitting head for a good variance. Arms is really buggy and causes more issues. Now if you are a true KEDR chad using legs can be really fun. We will explain more in the PMC Elimination section below.

    { PMC Elimination }

    Look we get it, that guys kitted out MK47 with BP rounds and slick is so tempting to show off your new aim skills to. But lets go over the best way to deal with players before you go catching a ban. First understand this....NOT EVERYONE NEEDS TO DIE. What that player gets loot wise in 10 raids is what you can get in 1 raid. Lets teams fight each other, let them fight bosses and die. You have to remember some brain psychology here. Your brain cannot ignore ESP it just cant. You lose all situational awareness and often forget what looks legit or not. Ask yourself, "if I shoot this player from here or like this would I report if I was them?"

    Do not just run around a corner shooting people. Miss some shots, take some shots, even lose some fights. Its okay if you lose your kit because you have 30 more in your stash, gear fear should not exists when cheating. DO NOT LET YOUR EGO GET THE BEST OF YOU. You want to avenge your friend that you were carrying we get it. But not everyone has TTV in their names and that one rage kill could have been a huge streamer. Or someone angry enough to send the clip with raid code to BSG.

    Your bullets and their armor matters. Running around with budget rounds hitting someone's slick 30 times is a easy report. Either move on from that enemy or wait it out till you are in a better position.

    Do not take on fights with teams of 3 or more, its not worth it. All it takes is one of them to say "dude they are cheating" and bam 5 reports. Pace yourself.

    PMC killing quests, take your time. It doesn't need to be done in one raid. Spread it out over multiple raids. Again do not let your ego decide your accounts fate.

    Random fun tip I don't see many cheaters use. Did you just wipe a person or two with good loot but see another guy on the map with something even better but you know you already raged pretty hard on the last two and don't want to risk another report? Set your aimbot to legs, keep a distance, wait till they are near scavs, and black out those legs. 9/10 if you did that near scavs they will start to close in while they figure out where to stop and heal. Which means when they kill him your name doesn't pop up for a report. Cant report a scav getting the final bullet.


    View our ban guide here

    { Conclusion }

    We hope you enjoyed this guide into the realm of cheating. Biggest thing to take from this:

    Your ego will decide your accounts fate.

    Put yourself in their shoes, would you report if you got killed the way you killed them? Don't be afraid to die. A casuals players 10 loot runs is what you get in one raid.

    Now go out there and become the next KAPPA ENJOYER. Have fun!

    -Rune, Ducks Services.

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