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The Development and Mangement team at Exozone would like to apologise to the whole Exozone Community & Sellers for the events that have transpired, we were aware of the security flaws in the product and how to fix them. We didn't expect such a growth in such a short amount of time so we backlogged the security improvements instead of prioritizing them to focus on other parts of the product which is the complete fault and misjudgement of us, We're not going anywhere and will take this misjudgement on head first. We will show with our actions that we care about the products and image we stand for and will not let the community down, We have lost the trust of many but we will make it up to all who have and hopefully you will be able to trust us once again. When our product is back up and running we will be giving out compensations and giveaways, to give back to the community that have lost a lot by choosing us. From this point on and the future of Exozone, we will ensure safety will be of up most importance.

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